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Hello and welcome. I’m Scott Rowe and I’m the instructor and creator of the online piano lessons here at Classically trained under world-class musicians, I’ve been playing the keys for over 50 years and teaching for several decades. Throughout the years, I’ve helped many students like you, reach their musical goals.

One way I do this is by teaching my students to play the style of music they enjoy.

You’ll be happy to find jazz, rock and blues piano lessons on this site.  
Goodbye splintered ruler. 
Hello Rock and Roll. 👍

Another successful action I’ve discovered in helping students learn to play is to teach students at their own level. I then boost their trouble areas with drills and exercises, which I will share with you on this site, too.

Bottom line, my lessons can help both the novice and the 
advanced student, with lots of material for folks with 
in-between skill levels, too. 

Keep in mind, since the lessons I post on the site are geared toward the general-public audience, they’re obviously not gonna be super-targeted. However, they will be grouped by skill level, like beginner, intermediate and advanced. This will help you focus on the areas you need. Feel free to comment and participate when you feel compelled. I plan to use your feedback to develop a better site and get more targeted with certain lessons for specific needs and things like that.

So here we go. Whether you’re a novice or a retiree, you’re invited to take a seat and follow along. You can learn as we build!


As I said, my name is Scott and I’ve been playing piano for over 50 years, and teaching it professionally since 2004. Offline, I’ve taught in both the Pasadena and Santa Barbara, California areas, and recently in Northern Illinois, where I teach and perform in my local community there.

In addition to offline teaching and performing, I’ve been providing streaming online piano lessons since 2012, working primarily over Skype. However, since Covid has had us all at home, platforms like Zoom and Duo have recently become alternative methods of hooking up with my students. They say online is here to stay.

Online Lessons Create Practice Time - Realize, if you live in a remote area or a big city with traffic problems, online piano lessons like mine can save you commuting time and traffic-related stress. 

In fact, if you need more time to practice, my lessons are perfect, because you can convert drive time to play time and that could mean as much as an extra hour a week or more to spend flexing your fingers and honing your craft.

Private Piano Lessons Available 

For those of you who prefer private lessons over the group format, I am comfortable teaching long distance and have been doing so for over 10 years. What I mean is, using the Internet, I can come to you and cater to your specific learning needs with private lessons designed just for you. If you have a computer or laptop and can use Skype, Zoom or any other free online meeting app, we can work together via the Internet. It’s super easy, it works well, and it’s brilliant as a time saver and convenience tool. You should try it. It really works well.

Keep in mind, if you’re local to me and live in or around the Rockford, IL area, I’m available for in-person lessons, too. Just send me a message to coordinate a time to get together. 

For those of you who would rather kick back and work with the free online piano lessons I’m creating, be sure to sign up so you can follow along lesson-by-lesson. That way, you’ll be alerted for updates to the site as more lessons are published.

About the Lessons

I have roots in jazz and have studied in Los Angeles with some of the world’s best musicians. So jazz is my first love. However, performing is also high on my affinities list, so as a professional, I play what the crowd wants to hear. I have learned there is a good balance between art and business, since most of us would love to use our talents and turn a hobby like music into an income stream, like getting gigs in bars, coffee houses, restaurants, weddings, birthdays, and anniversary parties.

I’ll cover gigging and earning money on the site, too, but for now, my point is, most students have interest in three major genres of music. This is what they are and why I choose to teach these types of music.

  1. Jazz – I teach jazz because I was born and raised in Southern California, and studied there with Ellen Porter, followed by Ron Hoopes and Moacir Santos at Nova Music Studios in Pasadena. It was from seasoned professionals that I learned to play jazz and big band, an interest that would follow me all my life. I’ve been a member of two big bands, a jazz trio consisting of a drummer, an upright bass, and myself on keys. My influences include Bill Evans, Chick Corea, and Horace Silver.
  2. Blues – I’ve spent a lot of time around the Chicago/Northern Illinois area, where blues is a way of life. Some great blues players emerged from the area, so it’s an authentic experience, I think. Otis Spann, who played with Muddy Waters comes to mind, as well as Charles Brown. Also, when you play out at bars, you realize people in the area really like the blues style of music and request it over and over. So I guess you could say I have insights in the genre due to my geographical location.
  3. Rock – I teach rock piano because, like most of you, that’s what I grew up listening to. I don’t want to alarm anyone by stating my age, but I wasn’t yet around for the birth of rock and roll. Suffice it to say, though, I helped rock reach maturity. My influences include Keith Emerson, Nicky Hopkins and Billy Payne. Rock is also the most popular type of music, aside from country, when it comes to earning income. It’s a valuable genre to know. Country music is almost a sub-genre of rock, which even bleeds over to blues, although I know there are country artists out there who will disagree with me. So be it. It’ll make for lively discussion.

Now that I’ve shared so much of myself, it’s time to focus on you. What do you want to learn? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and ideas as we go along. For now, it’s time to get back to work. Stay tuned as we get things set up and rolling here. Please do come back soon and check out our progress.

Meantime, keep playing.

Scott Rowe